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Distribution Terms and Conditions

Rental fees are arranged in consultation with us. Generally they depend on the duration of the work, the number of screenings, or the duration of the exhibition. Independent of the number of works and the sum of the rental fees we charge a handling fee of 15€ per invoice. All fees are communicated as net fees, to which VAT is added, if applicable.

Orders should be made in writing (by e-mail or fax) and should contain the following information: We will respond to all orders with a confirmation.

It is obligatory to take films ordered for the specified dates. Cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the screening dates, otherwise the full rental fee will be charged.

Methods of payment
After we have received the order in writing (e-mail or fax), the customer will receive an invoice. All invoices have to be paid immediately and via bank transfer. All fees for international payments, such as bank fees (for both countries), conversion fees or taxes applied to the international handling, etc. must be assumed by the customer.

The transportation costs in both directions will be assumed by the customer, including any registration fees. The films are to be returned to the Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V. on the day following the screening, unless another further shipping address is explicitly indicated. Generally we ship films by TNT and if so they should also be returned in this way. However as a rule customers must comply with the form of transportation indicated on the invoice, unless communicated otherwise. Costs and / or claims of compensation following non-compliance must be assumed by the customer. In case of late returns the customer will be billed for all resulting costs, including missed bookings. The minimum fee for late returns is 80 Euro.

All return transport from countries which are not members of the EU must be marked with the following customs statement: “NUR FÜR KULTURELLE ZWECKE; KÜNSTLERISCHE FILME; SENDUNG HAT KEINEN HANDELSWERT / FOR TEMPORARY, CULTURAL PURPOSE ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.”

All formats (film prints, BlueRay, HDCAM, DVD, mini-DV, BetaPal etc.) and installation structures including technical equipment must be insured by the venue for the screening. We must be notified immediately of any damages occurring during screening (this is particularly the case for film prints) at the time of the return. The customer is responsible for all damages and for loss of any delivered films and other formats.

Right of use
All rights to the films distributed by us -- especially that of reproduction or recording onto other media, including for private use, or the broadcast over radio and television -- require the written agreement of the rights holder.