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Use of the Archive

The archive is alive – but only when it’s being used. In order to facilitate this use, we would like to make a few remarks.
  1. The database includes all titles that have been retained in the holdings of the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. Distribution and archive films are consolidated in this database. A film can be archived without the possibility of distribution for a number of reasons: due to the fact that the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art does not have distribution rights, or only has the rights to a particular format or region, or because the technical condition of the print does not permit it to leave the archive. The relevant information is found in the database. In case of doubt, please contact us.
  2. The database is under construction. It contains materials and information on the contents of the works in terms of their availability as of the end of 2010. We are currently working on developing from a purely functional database to an annotated one.
  3. Most films are available in their original format and can thus only be loaned out for public presentations to qualified institutions and projects as long as they can demonstrate that they can fulfill the necessary requirements (projectors, personnel, etc.). If for any reason a film cannot be loaned out, it is nonetheless available for in-house viewing. To this end we offer cinema spaces for lease as well as the necessary technical personnel. Furthermore, viewing possibilities are available on the sixth floor for all common film and video formats. Please submit your requests