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Director: Arthur Cantrill    → show biography   
Director: Corinne Cantrill    → show biography   
Country: Australia
Year: 1969
Synopsis: “A triptych in which the central contemplative image of a woman in repose, filmed against golden Sydney sandstone, is contrasted with two side panels of the same figure in constant movement in a coastal setting. The design of this secular icon is influenced by traditional Orthodox Church icons in which a serene, saintly figure is surrounded by highly coloured images of earthly activity. The optical work was achieved in the camera using matte-box masks and rewinding the 100 feet roll of film for the three exposures. This necessitated planning and editing in the camera, as no editing was possible afterwards. To indicate that it is realised on one roll of film, the orange fogging at both ends is included. The original sound composition by Arthur Cantrill is an aural equivalent of the image: a looped soprano note, representing the central image, is mixed with two tracks of improvised violin which represent the side panels. A stereo version on CD has the female voice centred and the two violin tracks separated to the left and right” (Cantrill Filmnotes)

EIKON is a secular film 'icon' in which the golden colour of the contemplative central figure (a one-take shot) is juxtaposed with artificially coloured side panels of earthly activity, as in the old orthodox church icons. The 'real' time of the central image is contrasted with the fragmented and superimposed time of the side panels. The piece was realised in one gesture on a roll of film with no editing, by matting in-camera and winding the film back to add the two panels. The sound of a looped soprano note and improvised violin connect with the centre and side images.

“(...) imaginative, visual harmony with timeless elements blended in a triptych of Sharman Mellick– the central contemplative figure, with side panels of movement – rock, flesh, woman, girl, water, sky, people, gold, colour, light, hair, wind, sun, leaves. A beautiful film.“ (Mass Media Review, Winter 1970)
Language: without dialogue

Technical Attributes

Format: DVD
Rental status: to rent
Version: original language version
Resolution: 720x576
Size: 245 MiB
Container: MPEG-PS
Codec: MPEG-2, AC-3
Running time (minutes): 4
Color: color
Sound: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 30