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The Room of Chromatic Mystery

Regie: Arthur Cantrill    → Biografie anzeigen   
Regie: Corinne Cantrill    → Biografie anzeigen   
Land: Australien
Jahr: 2006
Synopsis: THE ROOM OF CHROMATIC MYSTERY is (...) another three-colour separation film, shot in the living room of the Cantrills’ old house in Brunswick. An ordinary domestic scene, with flowers and carved artifacts on a table by the window; but the borderlines of these objects quiver, and everything is bathed in a spectral or perhaps extraterrestrial glow. The mysterious soundtrack blends voices from earlier films – including the whispering of the singers in Two Women – with discussions in a foreign language on a shortwave radio, drowned in static like the hiss of time escaping. An image of a place. An echo of a voice. (Jake Wilson)
Sprache: Kein Dialog
Schlagworte: Experimentalfilm

Technische Angaben

Format: DCP
Verleihstatus: Ausleihbar nach Rücksprache
Fassung: OF
Auflösung: 3996x2160
Größe: 11,5 GiB
Container: DCP 4K
Codec: JPEG2000, PCM
Laufzeit in Minuten: 8
Farbe: Farbe
Ton: Stereo
Bildformat: 1:1,33
Bilder pro Sekunde : 24