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Director: Katondolo Petna Ndaliko    → show biography   
Country: Kongo, USA, Netherlands
Year: 2019
Synopsis: Our history hinges on severed hands. And on photographs taken by missionaries who wanted to abolish slavery even as they believed we were inferior to them. Our history hinges on the world believing that we will forever be hopeless and helpless. That we embody suffering. What we embody, I believe, is elemental. It is water, earth, fire, air. Dance. It is pasts and futures. And it has power. So I rethink the clicks and flashes that have cast us in history. And I flirt with liberation from the colonial gaze. Matata is told primarily through dance. Rhythm, color, and movements, being more than just the film’s subjects, lead it away from prescribed representations of Africa into a new future. A photo shoot of a young fashion model, Sarah, dressed as a replica of a photograph taken during King Léopold II’s brutal colonial rule of Congo, takes an unexpected turn. It spirals into a series of dance-inspired dreamscapes, fading mind projections of historical fragments, and the external, awakening world. As she struggles to reclaim her identity, she encounters historic, contemporary, and futuristic characters who collectively help her piece together her place in Congo’s past, present, and future.
Language: without dialogue
Forum participation year: 2020

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Resolution: 3840x1920
Size: 11,17 GB
Container: MPEG-4
Codec: H.264, AAC
Running time (minutes): 37
Color: color
Sound: 2.0
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Frames per second: 30