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Director: Karø Goldt    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2010
Synopsis: To be experienced can mean blindness for the world. Invisible is, what doesn’t leave any impression. The film blind is divided into four round dances. Every round dance is devoted to a philosophical approach, assigned a season and has to pass through the motives eagle, owl and vulture. Each round dance includes five dances, with each one of those being a quote. The quotes are shown in braille, but not readable. As the projection of the writing is not palpable even blind people can not read it. 1st Round Dance / Jaynes / Spring 1. dance: Language is an organ of perception. 2. dance: Perceived outside world becomes metaphor for the inner world. 3. dance: Consiousness is a world of analogy on linguistic basis. 4. dance: The search for the state of innocence in the mythologies of the factual. 5. dance: The concept of truth is a cultural orientation. 2nd Round Dance / Heisenberg / Summer 1. dance: Reality is different depending on if we observe it or not. 2. dance: The right question is the way to solving the problem. 3. dance: Matter and energy as complementary descriptions of reality. 4. dance: We can not entirely objectify the result of an observation. 5. dance: If one insists to never address an error, one has to remain silent. 3rd Round Dance / Wittgenstein / Fall 1. dance: The world is the entity of facts, not of things. Everything we can describe could also be different. 2. dance: The rules of logic are tautologies. Therefore they state nothing. 3. dance: The meaning of the world has to lie outside of itself. The subject does not belong to the world, but is a border of the world. 4. dance: The solution to problem of life one realises when the problem dissolves. 5. dance: The things one can not talk about, one has to keep silent about. 4th Round Dance / Popper / Winter 1. dance: A statement is true when it agrees with the facts. 2. dance: Knowledge is a product of human kind. All theories are our own inventions. 3. Objective knowledge is without a recognising subject. 4. dance: All humans are fallible. Our search for objective truth is threatened by our hope to have already found it. 5. dance: We can not confuse truth with security. Loop version

Technical Attributes

Format: DVD
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Running time (minutes): 60
Color: color
Number of reels: 1