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Fischinger Treffen

Director: Florian Zeyfang    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2002
Synopsis: "FISCHINGER TREFFEN, [presenting in the title (in an anti-obscurant way) its historical reference], relates to the pioneer of abstract animation film, Oskar Fischinger, who was active after World War One.
Apart from his experimental abstract films, he also worked as a cameraman, developed special effects, and produced commercials and trailers; moreover, he left behind an extensive body of drawing works. Having fled from the Nazis to the United States in 1936, he worked in Hollywood studios, among others with Walt Disney on his animated epic Fantasia.
At the end of the video entitled RE-FISHING FISCHINGER Zeyfang demonstrates how he indeed reconstructs the pictures of the first episode of the film, which was drawn by Fischinger, by hastily placing sheet after sheet of white paper for tracing. But this is not at all done in a virtuoso manner; one sees the effort it takes to follow the jerky movements in almost dance-like body motions while he draws. Also discernible, however, is the imperfection of this attempt. It is an encounter, nothing more. What becomes all the more clear in the process is how important Fischinger’s historical model of an art producer and media combiner is for Zeyfang: he refers to a model which is again superseded through the distancing gesture of tracing. In addition, baroque-like music from Fantasia is used, which is also reminiscent of Truffaut’s "meta-film" La Nuit Américaine where it can be heard in scenes without dialogue as a kind of productivist ideal soundtrack."
(From: Clemens Krümmel, "Film and Drawing on a Tape of Florian Zeyfang", in: Fokussy. Florian Zeyfang, Berlin 2004)
Language: English
Tags: Video Installation, Loop

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Running time (minutes): 30
Color: color