Deutsche Version

F66 Geisterschiff

English title: F66 Ghost Ship
Director: Florian Zeyfang    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2010
Synopsis: Deploying a slow, continuous cross-fade spanning five minutes between two versions of the same archival image, F66 Geisterschiff confronts these images with two text excerpts from Witold Gombrowicz’ “The Events on the Brig Banbury.” Both image versions, registered in the photo archive of the Västerbotten museum under the name F66 and without the mention of an author, no longer exist and are now but a witness for the decay of a photograph: fifty years ago it was still possible to make a print from the original glass negative. This print, however, did not resemble the negative but, like a solarization, speaks more to a process of decay. The coating of the glass negative itself has slowly dissolved. Furthermore, the harbor featured in the two images was destroyed by a fire more than a hundred years ago. (Image: Västerbotten Fotoarchiv / Text: Witold Gombrowicz "Die Ereignisse auf der Brigg Banbury." / Audio Charlemagne Palestine "Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone)
Forum participation year: 2010
Tags: Experimental film, Diaprojektion

Technical Attributes

Format: DVD
Rental status: to rent
Version: original language version with intertitles
Intertitle language: English
Running time (minutes): 5
Color: b&w
Projection format: 4:3
Number of reels: 1