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Regie: Anne van Es    → Biografie anzeigen   
Regie: Tina Bastajian    → Biografie anzeigen   
Land: Niederlande
Jahr: 2006
Synopsis: Carefully extracted film noir inspired imagery is juxtaposed with appropriated sound tracks, iconic sound scores and sparse dialogues, which suggest suspense, flirtation, deception and disappearance. Ellipsis alludes to several narratives and is a pastiche on the noir genre, which turns around the tropes of a central male hero and the never-ending search for the elusive woman. The elliptical form resists the possibility of cohesion and muses; is she just part of their dream, or is it her fantasy?
Schlagworte: Experimentalfilm

Technische Angaben

Format: DVD
Verleihstatus: Ausleihbar
Laufzeit in Minuten: 6
Farbe: S/W-Farbe
Projektionsformat: 4:3
Anzahl Akte: 1