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Loop Unlimited

Director: Franz Wanner    → show biography   
Director: Stefan Römer    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2011
Synopsis: How can we reflect artistically upon the phenomenon of retro-chic and cultural repetition? In four video loops, “Loop Unlimited” presents a thematic link between machine and artistic effect. The soundtracks are composed in such a way that when the clips of different lengths are played in parallel in the same room, the acoustic impression is always different. The images are complemented with texts that are spoken and superimposed on the visual track to form a self-reflexive loop narrative.
Audio: “I Listen” The echo machines from the 1960s and 1970s shown and used for the soundtrack are currently undergoing a renaissance in a broad range of popular music styles.
Video: “I Watch” The film loop machine as a rebuilt projector is shown as a fetishistic exhibition object of the contemporary art world.
Laboro: “I Work,” “I Try” Red brushes are seen in a repetitive motion in the ambiguity of painting and cleaning.
Facio: “I Make” Borrowing from Orson Welles’ film F for Fake, a woman’s voice challenges the audience to take part in the production and destruction of images and their commercial value.
Language: German

Technical Attributes

Format: DVD
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Running time (minutes): 1
Color: color
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