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Farther than the Eye can see

Director: Basma Alsharif    → show biography   
Country: Palestine
Year: 2013
Synopsis: FARTHER THAN THE EYE CAN SEE uses the landscape of the Emirates as an anonymous urban space that appears new, uninhabited, and with the vague promise of something better. The voice of a woman recounts her story of the Nakbah (the mass exodus of Palestinians from Jerusalem in 1948). Her story begins with an arrival that progresses towards the departure. The video moves backwards and forwards in time and space, allowing us to experience both at the same time. Rather than undoing the tale, the particular details the narrator chooses to share stand out, and we are asked to trace a fading experience of a place that no longer exists.

Technical Attributes

Format: Blu-ray
Rental status: to rent
Version: original language version with subtitles
Subtitle language: English
Running time (minutes): 13
Color: color