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Bringing Democracy to You

Series title: A-Clip III - Berlin 2003 (Episode 47)
Director: Florian Zeyfang    → show biography   
Director: Ulrich Heinke
Director: Rolf Pilarski
Director: A-Clip Kollektiv
Country: Germany
Year: 2003
Synopsis: Mc Iraq - Mc Syria - Mc Korea - Mc Saudia - Mc Cuba - Mc Iran Bringing democracy / demoncrazy to you ! Soon a franchise everywhere. Interested ? Call Don´s friends: 1-800-DESTROY or Dick´s friends: 1-800-REBUILD

A-Clip - 53 advertising spots as an intervention in cinema commercials The 53 A-Clips on view were produced in April 2003 in Berlin, London and Los Angeles. Five in Los Angeles, seven in London and 41 in Germany, coordinated by the studio in Berlin. A-Clip is based on an editorial principle. The films are created in a studio process during which the films are jointly conceived and discussed. The result is 53 highly different films dealing in a broad framework with the theme of "inner uncertainty,” the uncertainty gripping people through discussions from the outside (war, economic crisis and threat scenarios), leading to a loss of solidarity and the notion of being exposed to these scenarios personally and on one’s own. The films do not present depressive visions of doom, however, but develop various cinematic languages that make reference to personal and collective freedom of action. The result is 53 short films, 53 very subjective ways of dealing with the medium of film and the possibilities of cinema. The A-Clip project, supported by the Capital Cultural Fund of the City of Berlin, now makes it possible for these films to address a general public, beyond the field of art or festival structures. A total of 500 copies of the A-Clips are screened in three cities (Berlin, London and Los Angeles), as well as in movie theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Format: 35mm
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Running time (minutes): 1
Sound: Dolby SR
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Frames per second: 24
Weight: 0.2
Number of reels: 1