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Series title: A-Clip I - Berlin 1997 (Episode 1)
Director: A-Clip Kollektiv
Country: Germany
Year: 1997
Synopsis: People with different social backgrounds are shown drawing circles in the air with their hands. They have apparently been asked to do so. This sequence gives rise to a sense of belonging in the film. A voice simultaneously speaks about the conversion of public spaces into privatized consumer zones, about the city as a stock. A police officer, a woman wearing a fur, a construction worker, a small group of employees during their lunch break—the privatization of inner-cities affects them all.

Season I (1997) The inner-city actions that took place from June 2 – 8, 1997, were accompanied by nine, on average one-minute spots screened in a number of movie theaters between the block of commercials and the feature film. The A-clips are grasped as a commentary on the current changes in the inner cities. The producers of the spots are mainly groups and individual actors from the leftist, autonomous and cultural field. It is not by chance that the movie theater is a preferred venue of different publics. Cinema is not only an experience on the screen. In the linking of commerce and movie plot, individual and collective wishes and longings are condensed. When the commercials and the supporting film immerse the cinema hall in semi-darkness, an atmosphere of communication arises: Opinions on individual spots are articulated much more distinctly than during the feature film. The A-clips latch on to this by putting aspects of urban life disregarded in the prevailing image production up for debate.

Technical Attributes

Format: 35mm
Rental status: to rent
Running time (minutes): 1
Sound: Dolby SR
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Frames per second: 24
Weight: 0.2
Number of reels: 1