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Series title: A-Clip II - Berlin 1998 (Episode 11)
Director: Florian Zeyfang    → show biography   
Director: A-Clip Kollektiv
Country: Germany
Year: 1998
Synopsis: Welcome to the World Economic Forum. When one’s own productivity is replaced by consumption, the subject itself is the most important asset.

Season II (1998) A-Clip produces and distributes political short films. Shot on video and copied to 35mm, they mainly address the film-going public. Within the block of commercials, individual A-clips pop up as short (40-120 sec.) political statements on urban geographies, power and consumption. A-Clip takes a look at the capitalist city that is in the process of once again modernizing its inclusions and exclusions. Working on the imaginary of the city, on the conceivability of its usage and on the images and attributions of its residents is becoming increasingly important. On the one side, construction sites are already illuminated, large-scale consumer and service zones are planned and laid out, developed for a specific public that can be integrated and is to experience the status of the protected urban citizen – an identity-forging hologram. On the other side, the city is modernizing its lines of exclusion, installing mobile borders in the streets where police controls without suspicion and banning orders visualize and constitute subjects deemed suspicious – a constructive filter. In a reversal of this choice of a deviating object, society establishes the comforting illusion of a German society of consumption and work. A-Clip seeks to be part of a movement countering, attracting and hawking these and other ideological effects. The pre-given screw of identity and lifestyle images, the production of desire and product placement in the advertising sector are operations against which one must act on the level of creativity. We are also among those who are disappointed when arriving too late in the movie theater and missing the commercials. That is why we have chosen precisely this beloved, twilit site where commodities speak and capitalism can be observed in the way it produces the putty of buying and categorical happiness by means of continuous image transfers. A-Clip operates in a field between artistic statements, collective practice, subjective perspectives, and political editing.

Technical Attributes

Format: 35mm
Rental status: to rent
Running time (minutes): 2
Sound: Dolby SR
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Frames per second: 24
Weight: 0.4
Number of reels: 1