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Director: Matthias Müller    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 1994
Synopsis: “The culmination of Müller’s richly associative psycho-sexual webs of meaning is ALPSEE, a full-blown psycho-drama with elaborate mise-en-scène." (Gavin Smith, Film Comment, New York, 2000) "Photographed with an exquisite eye for interiors and a restless invention, ALPSEE stages a boy’s coming of age, that painful rend between infant dependency and mature individuation. Nearly wordless, Müller proceeds by analogy and synecdoche, gathering up precisely framed moments within the home and collecting them as evidence. Its gorgeous chromatic scheme and high key lighting mark a significant departure from Müller’s narrow gauge efforts of the 80s.” (Mike Hoolboom, Millenium Film Journal, New York 1997) "With the glowing colours in ALPSEE, Müller leaves the gloom that prevailed in the universe of his earlier films. His clinical sharpness, however, does not deprive the film of its secret, its disquieting strangeness – and thus recalls Buñuel and Hitchcock". (Jacques Kermabon, Bref, Paris 1995) ”Along with the world's great cineasts – from Méliès to Chris Marker – Müller shares the desire to vanish. He remains invisible, his location unfixed. Müller makes biographical cinema, but uses found material. Thus, ALPSEE, a film about his childhood, takes you directly to Mars." (Fritz Göttler, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich 2001)
Language: German

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