Deutsche Version

A maquina do tempo

English title: Time Machine
Director: Melissa Dullius    → show biography   
Director: Gustavo Jahn    → show biography   
Country: Brazil, Germany
Year: 2014
Synopsis: Even though Time Machine is set "in the future" as the narrated texts explain, it makes no direct references to science fiction movies. The action does not pretend to be from the future, but the time of the narrative could be either the past, the present or the future. Are we looking into the future, or looking back from the future to the past, to the present? (Klaus W. Eisenlohr in Director's Lounge, Berlin, May 2015)
Language: Portuguese

Technical Attributes

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Version: original language version with subtitles
Subtitle language: English
Resolution: 1440x1080
Size: 5,59 GiB
Container: QuickTime
Codec: ProRes 422 (HQ), PCM
Running time (minutes): 5
Color: color
Sound: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 25