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Papa Spectaculi

Director: Franz Wanner    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2005
Synopsis: I wanted to get to heaven, but the airspace was blocked.

Papa Spectaculi dissects the production of Pope John Paul II’s funeral into a visual layer of documentary photographs and a sound layer that includes striking sounds from the spectacle. With its animated text, the montage generates a perspective not taken by mass media reporting.
Language: without dialogue

Technical Attributes

Format: Data
Rental status: to rent
Version: original language version with intertitles
Intertitle language: Italian
Resolution: 720x576
Size: 936 MB
Container: QuickTime
Codec: DV
Running time (minutes): 4
Color: color
Sound: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 25
Number of reels: 1