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Director: Karø Goldt    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2007
Synopsis: The plant „dianthus“ is a carnation. In this piece, as in the others, the starting point were still-life paintings of flowers, combined with the extreme, unbelievable und extraordinary music of Markus Popp / oval. I'll briefly summarise the meaning of the blossom: Dianthus developed from the flower of Zeus („dios anthos“) to a christian passion flower. It symbolised the passion of Christ, as it was found that the shape of the leaves resembled the nails that were used in the cruxifiction. The portrait-painters of the Renaissance era used it as a passion flower in a different sense of the word: it became the sign of the engaged and the soon-to-be engaged. In the 1970's, dianthus became the symbol of the Portugese „Revolution of the Carnations“ and remained the flower of the socialist movement. What's important for my film is the meaning of „passion“, be it in the sense of ordeal or of fervor. (Karø Goldt)
Language: without dialogue

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