Deutsche Version

portrait einer jungen frau

English title: portrait of a young woman
Director: Karø Goldt    → show biography   
Country: Germany, Austria, New Zealand
Year: 2005
Synopsis: A second frame is added to the picture of portrait of a young woman in such a way that the vertical colored patterns can move in a tight formation, preciously and synchronously, there is no space between them. What is then consummated in harmony with an acoustic guitar is a kind of Doctrine of Affects for the female body, conveyed by means of colors and their vitally switching values to create an organic form. At some point red suddenly breaks out of the grid, threatening to overpower everything else. Remaining the same and changing at the same time. (Marc Ries)
Language: without dialogue

Technical Attributes

Format: Data
Rental status: rental upon request
Version: original language version
Resolution: 720x576
Size: 813 MB
Container: AVI
Codec: DV, PCM
Running time (minutes): 4
Color: color
Sound: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 25