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Director: Stefan Hayn    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Synopsis: »What are your hopes for the future?« »Without War. That the war doesn’t come to Germany or to Berlin.« – »How is the quality of life in Berlin?« »International. Multicultural. And... great country. Not very expensive cost of living« – »Does that mean that you’re living in the past?« »No. There are a lot of positives even now.« – »What is the beauty in taking pictures?« »Focusing what is behind the surface, or let's say looking through the surface. That’s the kind of thing I want.«
Language: German

Technical Attributes

Format: Blu-ray
Rental status: to rent
Version: original language version
Resolution: 1440x1080
Size: 7,53 GB
Container: BDMV
Codec: H.264, AC-3
Running time (minutes): 67
Color: color
Sound: 5.1
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 25