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Die Beleidigung Amerikas im Winter '77/'78

Director: Jutta Sartory    → show biography   
Director: Ingo Kratisch    → show biography   
Country: West Germany
Year: 1981
Synopsis: Shot on Super 8 and blown up to 16mm, the film DIE BELEIDIGUNG AMERICAS IM WINTER 1977/78 is probably the most beautiful filmic travelogue through America. Poems by Jutta Sartory accompany the images. She describes the film as follows: "After becoming conscious of her lack of comprehension a woman leaves for a trip to New York from where she starts to cross the continent by car. Throughout a constant alternation between previous sympathies and later aversions the European imagination is replaced by actual American appearances. The subjective experience of the first journey proceeds to an analytical search for the land’s structure. Streets, buildings, bridges, landscape, cities and traffic form a model through which the reality of this country is revealed.”
Language: German
Forum participation year: 1981

Technical Attributes

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Resolution: 1920x1080
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Running time (minutes): 42
Color: color
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Frames per second: 25