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In This Life's Body

Director: Corinne Cantrill    → show biography   
Country: Australia
Year: 1984
Synopsis: An autobiography by Corinne Cantrill: the tracing of an eventful life in a quest for self through photographs, recollection and introspection. It is also a reflection, by a practising filmmaker, on the process of translating photographic traces into a film and the way photographs, from snapshots to studio portraits, can be the means of appraising one's self-image.

How does IN THIS LIFE’S BODY relate to our other films, it has been asked. Clearly it is far from one major aspect of our recent work, that which falls into the Landforms/ Filmforms group, but that is only part of our work. It is connected with other films to do with biography (Harry Hooton); with history and oneself/one's own work as history (…); with portraiture (…); with simplicity of technical means and especially a sense of the absolute necessity to make this film.

(...) One of the most difficult problems in making this film was the unbalanced documentation of my life. My childhood is well recorded, but from my teenage years onwards the record is erratic, very patchy. The most interesting periods of my life coincide with an almost total absence of photographs. The telling of my life story through photographs is quite arbitrary, in both the photos that were taken, and in their survival. There are no photos to mark my years of involvement with Botany, no photos of me as an artists' model. (…) In the later part of my life there are years without a single photograph, though these are the most interesting years for me.

(…) To compensate for the absence of photographs from the past twenty years, we made stills from films (…) in which I am seen, and copied on an optical printer various film footage sequences of me – Super 8 and 16mm. Home movies, parts from Harry Hooton and Skin of Your Eye, film of Rhonda Parker giving me acupressure massage. We feared that bringing film into the story might undermine the nature of the work, but film has been a vital part of my life for 25 years and its introduction into the film half way through, (and half way through my life,) has worked well. (Corinne Cantrill, in: Cantrill's Filmnotes, Nos 45,46)
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