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Meshes of the Afternoon

Director: Maya Deren    → show biography   
Country: USA
Year: 1943
Synopsis: This first film is concerned with the relationship between the imaginative and the objective reality. The film begins in actuality and, eventually, ends there. But in the meantime the imagination, here given as a dream, intervenes. It seizes upon a casual incident and, elaborating it into critical proportions, thrusts back into reality the product of its convolutions. The protagonist does not suffer some subjective delusion, of which the world outside remains independent,... on the contrary, she is in actuality, destroyed by an imaginative action. (Maya Deren) The surreal effect in Deren's first films emerges less through staging, [...] then through the montage of elements of space and time to a new, unreal chronological order. Symbolic and psychoanalytic elements are used in equal measure. In dreamlike situations, several of the protagonist's (Deren) identities encounter each other and transform into other persons. In Meshes, she is sleeping on a fauteuil, while she simultaneously is sitting at a table vis-a-vis. Through the window, she watches herself following a dark figure, which disappears behind a bend. While approaching a sleeper, holding a knife, which repeatedly transforms into a key, suddenly a man appears in her place, whom she finally throws the knife in the face. (Hans Scheugl / Ernst Schmidt jr.)
Language: without dialogue
Forum participation year: 1974
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Running time (minutes): 14
Color: b&w
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Frames per second: 24