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ReCoder of Life

Director: Stefan Römer    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Synopsis: »Stefan Römer’s film ReCoder is as dark as Dark Deleuze.« Jayson Jimenez, Philosopher, Manila RECODER OF LIFE is an experimental film on the question: What does life mean in a digitized world? And: How could a re-coding of our digital system operate? In an imaginary megacity – poverty in the streets, against the backdrop of Manila’s brutalist architecture and Singapores’s urban high-tech architecture park – the protagonist »Reco« researches the contemporary code. Reco is: various female actresses. They re-write the code. RECODER OF LIFE delivers hypnotic images laced with electronic sounds. From the specific combination of lyrical and theoretical texts results an analytical poetics. Like other films by Stefan Roemer »ReCoder« is document, essay, pamphlet and fiction at the same time – images and sounds crisscrossed by texts. With references to the German underground classic »Decoder« (1983). Produced with support of the/ Gedreht mit dem Research Grant »Acts of Life« in Manila and/ und Singapur 2018. »Critical Research Residency«, Goethe Institute Manila and/ und Singapore, MCAD Manila and/ und NTU CCA Singapore
Language: English

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Running time (minutes): 14