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Englischer Titel: Race - Symphony
Regie: Hans Richter    → Biografie anzeigen   
Land: Deutschland
Jahr: 1929
Synopsis: Richter's brilliant gift as an editor in nowhere more evident than in this impressionistic documentary on the preparation and start of a horse race at a track near Berlin. Marked by a sharp pace and an acute visual observation of telling gesture and detail, it is hard to believe that this film was made over 40 years ago. It was produced for Maxim-Emelka, a Berlin studio, as an introductory to the feature film, Ariadne in Hoppegarten. (Standish D. Lawder)
Sprache: Kein Dialog
Schlagworte: Experimentalfilm, Musik, Experimentalfilm

Technische Angaben

Format: 16mm
Verleihstatus: Ausleihbar
Fassung: OF
Laufzeit in Minuten: 7
Farbe: S/W
Ton: Lichtton
Bildformat: 1:1,33
Bilder pro Sekunde : 20
Länge in Meter: 55
Gewicht: 0.35
Anzahl Akte: 1