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Diaries, Notes and Sketches: Lost, Lost, Lost

Director: Jonas Mekas    → show biography   
Country: USA
Year: 1976
Synopsis: "The six reels of Diaries, Notes and Sketches were made in the years between 1949 and 1963. They begin with my arrival in New York in November of 1949. The first two reels deal with my life as a young poet and 'displaced person' in Brooklyn. They show the community of Lithuanian immigrants, their struggle to arrange themselves with their new situation and their tragicly failing struggle to accomplish the independence of their home country... The period of time, which I deal with on these six reels, was a time of desperation and strained struggle to take root in a new country and to create new memories. On these wretched reels I wanted to express feelings, that one experiences in exile and that I experienced back then. They show my frustrations and fears and the decision, to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan.“ (Jonas Mekas) "Mekas' film aims at documenting and analysing himself as both the subject and the object of the documentary and the analysis. In this form Mekas seems to have found his definite way of writing with film. Lost is an especially impressive film, because of the distance between the Jonas Mekas who filmed [...] and the Jonas Mekas, who edited the film in the 70's." (Alan Williams)
Language: English
Forum participation year: 1976
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Technical Attributes

Format: 16mm
Rental status: rental upon request
Version: original language version with subtitles
Subtitle language: German
Running time (minutes): 172
Color: b&w and color
Sound: Optical track
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Frames per second: 25
Length in metres: 1877
Weight: 8.6
Number of reels: 3