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Regie: Karola Schlegelmilch    → Biografie anzeigen   
Land: Deutschland
Jahr: 1998
Synopsis: The material for this compilation film is taken from older super-8 and video recordings by the experimental filmmaker. For example, there is a solar eclipse filmed in time lapse, or a dog that continually bites at a circling lawn sprinkler. The parts of the film release sensations of time, feelings of space, various depths of imagination of closeness to reality, and rhythm. They do not show the motifs in order to represent them, rather they point to the resonances that these motifs trigger. The film offers the audience no rousing sequences or atmospheres in which to lose itself. The composition of the film is created in the watching: in the aftertones of its rhythms and structures. Some examples: 12 October 1996 "On 12 October 1996 the new moon covered a part of the sun; three heavenly bodies formed a line. In this footage the sun illuminates its outline. The part of the circle darkened by the moon can only be seen in the reflection of the objective lens." This sentence is spoken over the filming that shows the event all together: the course of the sun, a street clock, and busses driving by. 'I make comments about constellations, time tables and cycles.' The view and the imagination of the spectator, the placement of the camera, and the relative position of the Earth to the Sun are equivalent elements that create the event. In the Green 1 and 2 These two parts were shot in a castle garden. In the first, a group of children, all dressed in red, are talking, the youngest hops along to the conversation of the older ones. In another clip, a dog continually bites into the stream of a lawn sprinkler that turns in a circle. I filmed short takes of segments of this circular motion. The dog interrupts the stream in an irregular rhythm. In both parts, motifs come together that seem to be lifted out of their time, with corporeal, impulsive rhythms that only exist in the present. gaps On the Piazza degli Uffizzi in Florence, groups of tourists line up in the collonades to be slowly let in to the Uffizi. I filmed them getting into line, the waiting, and the progress of the crowd over several hours in time lapse. At noon, visitors step out from the opposite wing of the palace and into the light. The new, open space causes many of them to yawn. The word yawn is linguistically related to abyss or chaos as a dark, originary state that unifies everything." (Karola Schlegelmilch)
Sprache: Deutsch
Schlagworte: Experimentalfilm

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