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The Yellow Wallpaper

Director: Katrin Pesch    → show biography   
Country: Germany
Year: 2008
Synopsis: Adaptation of the short story The Yellow Wallpaper (1891) by the US-American author and women's rights activist Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper is the detailed fictional report of a woman suffering from a temporary nervous depression. She is prescribed a rest cure, which enforces strict isolation and forbids social contacts or intellectual stimulation. Alone in her bedroom, under the scrutiny of her family, the woman begins to observe the room's yellow wallpaper more and more obsessively, until she eventually recognizes a woman trapped in the paper – herself. My interest for a filmic adaptation stemmed from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s description of space, which is at the same time analytic and transgressive. The narrator’s exact and analytic depictions of the social and architectural environment are juxtaposed with the imaginary world of the wallpaper and create a scenario that is both liberating and frightening. The film is entirely composed out of still images punctuated by intertitles. The images were shot in an untenanted house in Beverly Hills and digitally manipulated to evoke the impression of papered walls in the otherwise empty rooms. The estate, the house and the rooms set the stage for the film's main.
Language: English

Technical Attributes

Format: DVD
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Version: original language version
Running time (minutes): 15
Color: color
Number of reels: 1