Joys of Waiting for The Broadway Bus (3D)

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Format: Blu-ray
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Fassung: OF
Laufzeit in Minuten: 43
Auflösung: 1920x1080
Container: MP4 (MPEG-4)
Farbe: Farbe
Ton: Stereo
Projektionsformat: 16:9
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Waiting, waiting, for a bus to carry us a mile downtown. We often give up and walk. When we commit ourselves to waiting the bus usually appears along with a second bus, empty, trailing by a block. We assume the drivers feel free to stop and gab between rounds; not nice, but then the job is impossible and it's understandable they need a break. There's a couple of stops we wait at a lot, after visiting with a nearby friend or returning at night from the Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side. Worse for Flo than for me; I photograph. I dawdle in the streets in any case, photographing, a compulsion since getting a 3D camera. And night is a great time for time-exposures, for distortions in 3D. 3D is rather a slighting way to speak of deep space. I enjoyed AVATAR and HUGO though not much else among the movies I've seen in illusionary depth. They place things in depth but don't go at depth as a realm to be investigated, toyed with; no mindbenders other than story. Cézanne, Cubism, never happened. This movie begins to play with possibility, when things only appear real.
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