Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies

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Format: DCP
Verleihstatus: Ausleihbar
Fassung: OF
Laufzeit in Minuten: 16
Auflösung: 1920x1080
Größe: 17,9 GiB
Container: DCP-SMPTE
Codec: JPEG2000, PCM
Farbe: S/W-Farbe
Ton: 5.1
Bildformat: 1:1,78
Bilder pro Sekunde : 30

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In Ken Jacob’s latest film, a stream of water shooting from a fountain, arrested in mid-air, serves as the material for a hypnotic, frenzied exploration of 3-dimensional cinematic vision.
“Cyclopean 3D is the most 3D a single eye can come up with. This means the celestial horde on display here can only seem to be galloping through space. Actual seeing into depth must be denied, it’s the law.” (Ken Jacobs, 2015)
“Hollywood might do well to learn from Ken Jacobs, who can boast more than 40 years of provocative, demanding, and transformative explorations of various permutations of 3D, putting the primitive, in-your-face assaults of Hollywood to shame. The 78-year-old New York-based artist has dedicated his life to exploring both the mechanics of human perception and the technologies of movies, returning to cinema’s origins in the 19th century to create transcendent experiences of film viewing, experiences that lift you out of your seat and transport you into the space and movement of the image itself.… Rather than dutifully depicting a more realistic space or, worse, using 3D for gimmicky visual tricks, Jacobs deploys 3D technology as part of a larger, lifelong exploration of vision, consciousness, and the materiality of cinema, even in its incredibly ephemeral manifestations.”(Holly Willis, LA Weekly, 2011)
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